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lovis götz

tado next gen

tado° next gen

Everybody deserves a better home, a smarter home. But how do you make devices and apps that mostly are used by tech-savvy people usable and atractive for everybody?
How can you exptend the user group of tado°?
The solution my teammates and I came up with was a redesign of the tado° app.
The redesign is composed of the expansion of features for different kinds of user groups, reworking the UI to make it clearer and making the UI adaptable to each users needs.
On this project I worked together with Fabienne Erben, Romina Rauch, Katharina Thaler and Raphael Wallner.

Mockup of the new app's dashboard
The smart schedule feature
Detailed description of the process, UI elements and all designed screens
Onboarding process for one person
Onboarding process for a second person
Adding and removing functinos
Users coming home
a rendering of the plant basket
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