lovis götz


lovis götz

systematic landscape

Isolated elements that build the system

Not everything is designed to be used the way it is used. People use workarounds for tiny everyday problems and these everyday workarounds and habits is what we looked into before designing the systematic landscape.
The company Schock mostly builds sinks made of a quartz composite, so they asked us to design something that would work together with their sinks.
We analyzed the way people use the space around their kitchen sink and came up with multiple elements.
The system elements we came up with are designed to blend seamlessly into the kitchen landscape when not in use and also give these everyday habits a proper counterpart to interact with.
Here is a letter describing how I contributed to the project.
On this project I worked together with Josefine Kühlewind.

Project presentation at Schock
Mockup of some groove tiles
Tap mockups
Tile mockups
Possible usecase of the systematic landsape
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