lovis götz


lovis götz

the speaker Sira photographed in photo studio suroundings


The speaker box Sira is the result of an investigation to find out how the technological elements of speakers can be supported by designing the cabinet. I worked towards this goal through the scope of additive manufacturing processes and computational design.
I worked together with ABACUS electronics who provided me with their technology and high level technical feedback.

The loudspeaker cabinets consist of the cabinet interior and the cabinet itself, both of which are designed to overcome the disadvantages of conventional cabinets; the support elements, which are placed exactly where they are needed; and the base, which also serves as housing for the amplifier.

The scripts generating each speaker cabinet element are designed in a way that they can easily be adjusted to generate a cabinet for any combination of speakers and amplifiers.

pendant sketches
Several kinds of first approaches
Early stage Grasshopper script for several ideas
all 3D printed pendants
Cross sections of prototypes later 3D-printed in PLA
the first prototype
The first prototype printed from PLA and filled with a relief casting compound
bass enclousure versions
Several versions of the bass enclousure
Several approaches for generating the support structure
installation of the screw sockets
bass interiour
The material used to produce the cabinet is a quartz sand composit, which I chose for its good acoustic properties and its capability of realising unconventional shapes
tweeter interiour
electronics instalation
testing the sound
Testing the sound quality of the speaker box
tweeter detail
support detail suppport detail
sira im halbprofil
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