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lovis götz

2001 pendant hanging from my brothers neck

2001 pendant

I created this pendant as a gift for my brother.
The basic idea was not to give away a commodity that surely would be enjoyed and bring happiness for a while, but also might break after some time and become less interesting.
So I asked myself what gift I could give to my brother with which this will not happen?
My answer was: One has to create a symbol, something that has no meaning or underlying function in of it self but gets charged with meaning. In this case by myself and in the long run by my brother. Something that starts a story.
So I choose to create a pendant.
In search of a friendly, basic, interesting, yet still meaningless shape I found the torus to be the right one.
From there I started shaping it and giving it an initial spark of meaning.

pendant sketches
Some initial sketches
all pendant modells
All the form experiments and fine tunings of the surfaces
all 3D printed pendants
raw silver cast pendant, front
The raw, silver cast pendant
raw silver cast pendant, top
polished silver pendant with chain, left
The finished pendant...
polished silver pendant with chain, right
... polished so the scratches can start telling a story
animation of the 2001 pendant
The abstracted lettering on the side spells "2001". My brother's birth year
2001 pendant closeup
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