lovis götz


lovis götz

front of the window bed with plants

window plot

ideas for private farming
First ideas for privat farming

Our food supply already is a great challenge to tackle and will become an even greater challenge in the near future as the population grows and climatic conditions change. Private food production can be a way to create independency from conventional food supply chains. This project focuses on how civilian food production can become a profitable supplement to our conventional food supply.
We tackled this question by creating a window bed which uses the hydroponic system instead of conventional soil and thus can grow more food on less space.
Also this project was exhibited at the Biotopia Festival. And for that we created our own exhibition design.
I worked on this project together with Andreas Lang.

exploration of possible forms for the window plot
Exploring possible forms for the window bed
ideas for the exhibition design
Several ideas for the exhibition design
working on the window plot 3D printed plant baskets for the window plot
closeup of the window plot
filling water into the window plot the back of the window plot
the side of the window plot the window plot from below
at the biotopia festival
At the biotopia festival
closeup of the exhibition design for the window plot
the window plot exhibited at the biotopia festival
a postcart for the widowplot for exhibitions
A post card made for the exhibition
a rendering of the plant basket
newer project older project