lovis götz


lovis götz

OP-1 elements pattern, light

5 products based on the OP-1

headphones based on the OP-1

This is a series of five products based on the distinct design features of the OP-1.
The OP-1 is an amazing synthesizer by Teenage Engeneering.
For me these main features are the integrative cylinders and rounded cuboids emerging from rounded rectangular surfaces, the formalistc design aproach and colored accents.
The OP-1 label consists of the following products: a pair of headphones, a camera a chopstick set, cufflinks and a flashlight.

a camera based on the OP-1 a set of chop sticks based on the OP-1
a pair of cuff links based on the OP-1 cuff links based on the OP-1 on a cuff
flashlight based on the OP-1
OP-1 elements pattern, dark
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