lovis götz


lovis götz

OCON the musical instrument, rigth side view


sketches of the OCON hardwear and the UI

OCON is a musical instrument (a MIDI-controller to be precise) with wich hobby and semi professional musicians can create the base for complex music easily. To enhance the possible ways to work with this instrument the musician can connect it to a great variety of other electronic instruments.
OCON is based on the circle of fifths. To put it simple, there are various chords arranged in a circle. You can recognize which chords sound harmonious respectively distant.
Music generally works with acoustic patterns. These patterns can be hard to imagine before or while making music since you often -and at least while improvising- don't have a visual counterpart. OCON creates this connection between the visual and the acoustic by inverting this idea. The musician draws a visual pattern onto the virtual circle of fifths which in turn creates an acoustic pattern.

failed fillet
Sometimes things don't work the way you expected but there allways is another solution
testing the UI of the OCON
Testing the UI
closeup of the foam modell of the OCON the foam modell of the OCON
rendered closeup of the OCON
UI of the OCON's driver programm
UI for the driver programm
rendered closeup of OCON's knobs rendered closeup of OCON's retracted knobs
the OCON in use
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